A book is a book is a book

In my teen years and till I reached my late twenties, I would read anything I get my hands on. That’s when I found the suspenseful world of murder with Agatha Christie and Erle Stanley Gardner and the fabulous work of P.G.Wodehouse and so many writers. I flirted with Barbara Taylor Bradford, got tickled by The Thornbirds, looked for Catcher in The Rye because that was what prompted two assassinations, and ended up reading a Pocketful of Rye instead, and wondered what in that book triggered lunacy?

But, this is just to give you an idea of how I would read anything. I would actually give up books during my kid’s exams because once I get into a book, I’m zoned out. I have no idea what is going on around me. Most people party when their kid’s exams get over. I would excitedly pick up the book that I had left for myself as a reward for making it through their exams.

#MondayBlogs: 6 Must-Have Tools/Apps For All The Writers And Editors Out There

Shannon A Thompson


Being a writer is tough work, but there are ways to make writing easier on you. Today’s guest blogger, Ashley Sanford, is listing just some of the many tools writers can use to improve their writing. Whether these tools help organize you, keep you focused, or edit your grammar, these tools are bound to help some writers out there! So, if you’ve used one, let us know what you think, and if you haven’t used one, let us know which ones sound like something you would use. And—of course—if you have any additional tools you know about, tell us about them.

6 Must-Have Tools/Apps For All The Writers And Editors Out There by Ashley Sanford

As easy as it may sound to some people, writing is a difficult task and requires complete dedication of the writer. While you need a certain level of interest and skills to become…

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Fantasy and me (continued)

I’ve run away from home a couple of times, thanks to Enid Blyton. I’ve got caught only once. Most other times I’ve returned home without anyone being the wiser. I got scared and hungry. And as the day darkens, home doesn’t seem that bad anymore.

I’ve even persuaded one of my cousins to run away with me. I told her that I’d cut my hair short and pretend to be a boy (I’m sure that’s thanks to The Famous Five and George’) and would support us. Instead of waiting for me where I had told her to, she sneaked on me. I love her, but that wasn’t cool.

Most of the time when I ran away, the plan was to join the circus (Thanks to Mr. Galliano and Jimmy). Well, I never did run away, but thanks to Ms. Enid Blyton, I never lost my fascination for fantasy and that is probably why it is my favourite genre.

12 Best Tricks to Get More Eyeballs on Your Old Posts


Get new #blog traffic to old blog posts. By reusing your old blog posts, you can get new traffic without writing more.

How often do you blog?

Three times a month?  Three times a day?

You have put great time and effort into those posts.  A post done right takes hours.

A commenter recently wrote and said that you can never get time back.

That may be true, but you can extend the time you spent researching, writing, and promoting your posts if you repurpose them.

For example, if it takes you two hours to write one post, and you are able to bring that post back again and again in order to get new audiences to read it, the value of that same two hours will have been increased.

This post will explain how to extend the life of each post you write.

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And, still on that path, why is fantasy my go-to genre?

The thing is I live in my head most of the time. I’ve grown up always living in a story in my head. Of course, I was the heroine in every one of them and I got the good looking, bad boy, who everyone lusted after, in the end. I have Mills and Boon to thank for that. For all you X, Y and Z generations, that was the equivalent to Fifty Shades of Grey, when I was young. I wasn’t allowed to read these books of course, because there was kissing involved and how can a young girl read a book where there was kissing. Ah! The good old days!
But reality has always sucked. I had the woes that most girls, or maybe every kid goes through. My mom doesn’t love me, I have no friends, I mean the entire gamut, so reality had no lure for me. I sat in class, on the bus, when I was supposed to be doing my home work and pretended to live in reality, but in truth, I was actually living out the current story in my head.

That was one side of it, the other was books themselves. My other fantasy world, where I could sneak off to, when reality got ugly. And in those days I had the queen of them all, Enid Blyton. No wonder I got on the yellow brick road, so early in life.