Ok, I’ve totally drifted…back on track

I think the point of the last few posts was just to help you understand why I write what I write. We write best what we like to read. That was the point I was trying to make. I really wish I could write porn (they call it erotica these days) or romance with soft porn (they call it steamy scenes these days) because I find that is the fastest selling genre. It will be nice to see some money once in a way.

Do you know that there are genres called ‘biker’ and ‘tattoo’ and ‘rockstar’? I’m not kidding. It exists. Yes, I remember, the actual point I started off trying to make before I drifted was why fantasy is not everybody’s cup of tea, but it is mine. I think I more than addressed that, so let’s move on to marketing again in the coming days?


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