And then reality got ugly again

I think I stopped reading anything and everything, around the time that life took an ugly turn. There was enough mess in life without having to read about it too. Since then, I turn to entertaining books. I completely stopped reading ‘Slice of life’ books. Romance had never ever held much fascination for me, though I’ve checked out the occasional porn, but these days, when I review, I actually skip the sex scenes and read the story. Hm…whatever!
I find fantasy, murder, thrillers with a lot of psychopaths and serial killers, horror and suspense, something which is fast paced and entertaining, good reads. As an author, I also get to review books often and I have read quite a few historical fictions, romances and slice of life books which have been well written, witty and held my attention, but I don’t think I would actually pick up one of those books to read. Yes, I do realize that I probably missed a good read, but hey, it’s a phase. Maybe it’ll go a full circle and one day, I’ll be reading all kinds of books again.


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