In that vein…why isn’t fantasy everybody’s cup of tea?

People love reading romances, thrillers, soft porn and BDSM. I rarely come across a reader who likes reading fantasy. The percentage is low. It may be due to the fact that it’s young adults who read fantasy and maybe they don’t have the money to pick up books themselves. And when they do have money to pick up a book, they’d rather go with a well known author, than someone they’ve never heard about.

It’s sad that adults don’t read fantasy. I still feel envious of all those children below the age of ten because that’s when they would probably get their first Harry Potter and they’ll be reading it for the first time. I’m 47 and I’d give anything to experience reading the series for the first time again.

And so it amazes me when I meet people who’ve read the first two Harry Potter books and then stopped reading the series, or have gone through half of the first Hunger Games and lost interest. I really can’t wrap by head around that. I really can’t.


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