Writer’s Block

Baby Steps to Adulthood

Writing is hit and miss for me.  I find that some of my “best” ideas happen at the most unexpected times; in the shower, when I’m trying to sleep or driving.  I tell myself that I will remember the ideas and jot them down but of course, I don’t.  I often wonder if other bloggers have this same dilemma and then come to the conclusion, that yes, of course they do.

Back in the day, we had small voice recorders to remind us of ideas.  I never used one.  My phone has a similar feature but of course, I don’t use that either.  There is something weird about talking into an object that can’t talk back.  You can’t bounce an idea off something that doesn’t speak.

Until I figure out a solution, I’ll just have to train my brain to remember better.  Haha, that will be the day. 🙂

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