I promote my book because it’s good

To give you an idea of why, what I think matters, on this subject, I must digress to my few forays into different kinds of businesses. There was that flirtation with Amway, the flop of a catering business and a few more failed attempts at different businesses. The problem is I am a hopeless business woman. I cannot sell something I don’t believe in easily. I cannot sell something that I know isn’t all that it’s cut out to be. I just couldn’t make people buy stuff when I didn’t believe it was worth it.

But I love writing. That in itself doesn’t make for a good argument, I agree, but I believe that I have created a good product. If I hadn’t poured my heart and soul into it and worked endlessly to make it as good as I could, I wouldn’t have the temerity to ask people to buy it. I can sell someone something that I believe I would buy. I would buy my book and I don’t feel bad about marketing my book. Fantasy is not everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s fine, but my books are good.


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