Why don’t readers review?

Of my many, many reviews, most have been from fellow authors and bloggers and critics. Very few are from actual readers. Readers, you know what? We writers, love praise. We live for it. We would die for it or kill for it, whichever applies. We work hard to get that book out there and make next to nothing. The least we could get is praise or criticism. Both are fine. At least we know you read it and have an opinion on it. And your criticism will hopefully make us better writers.

I asked a reader once, she had received my book as a gift on a blog tour, why she hadn’t left a review. She’d messaged me on facebook to tell me that her niece, to whom she’d given the book, loved it and was waiting for the next book and to let her know when it comes out. She added that she’d read it too and though she wasn’t into fantasy, she had enjoyed it, nevertheless. When I asked her about the review, she said she never left reviews. She’s quite the reader, belongs to a book club, though the book club reads deep stuff, not fantasy. They read these books and discuss it but never leave a review, on principle. On principle? I didn’t question it. Was happy that she reached out at all. How pathetic am I?


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