Control number

Did fifteen days of absolutely no marketing to get a control number and I sold like ten books. Awesome! My books sell even without me trying. Weirdly my first book sold and I don’t see an equal sales of the second book. Do I write bad? That people buy the first book and don’t pick up the second book. So, I actually went back and read my books. Guys, I’m not so bad. I like it. But, I accept that just because I like it, the rest of the world doesn’t have to.

You know, most people haven’t read the Lord of the Rings. It’s just too long and too complicated. Tolkein spent his life writing it, but apparently that means nothing. No matter. If Tolkein can write and not bother about sales, I guess I can too. (Whispers ’thank god for my day job’) Kidding! Of course I like seeing sales even if it means nothing. Amazon and the IRS take most of my money. But every time someone buys my book I get chills


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