Figuring out how to sell my books

This has been a long, winding road and a painful one at that, especially on my arms. Believe me, retweeting can get painful, actually painful. As usual, I try, learn, sometimes fail, try something else and I’ve had a lot of advice from fellow authors and I must thank them for that. At first I just sat back and somehow just thought that once the book is up on Amazon, it would just sell itself. Then I learnt about tweeting, facebooking, pinteresting, gplussing, reblogging, oh I could go on.

But it was all muddled up. I did one thing for some days, switched over to others and generally just did a whole lot of stuff. But at the end of the ay, I just don’t know what worked. So I decided to streamline my promoting and see what works. I shall keep you updated on how it goes. I’m starting with no marketing at all for 15 days to get a control number. God, I can’t tell you how much my arm and I are looking forward to that.


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