Go ahead, criticize

I didn’t just write a book and publish it. I sweat blood and tears while I edited, while my kids tore my book to shreds and made me delete pages. It was gut, wrenching, frustrating work. When you have an OCD like me, you never stop tweaking.

I am one of those people who when I leave a review say ‘I liked the story or, sorry, doesn’t work for me’. We’re all indie authors and many of us just don’t have the money to get our stories edited, so we do the best we can. I didn’t major in English, and I felt that I just wasn’t good enough to be a judge of other people’s work. I’ve also hesitated because I don’t know how they’d react.

On the other side, I’ve had a lot of criticism about my work. The unanimous vote has been that the story was good, but many people with an editing background, found my language simplistic and the sentence construction poor. Quite a few of them have given me feedback on what they felt could be done to better the book. I’m always grateful for all the criticism as it helped me better my work. I don’t think my books will ever be a fantastic literary product (One reviewer gave me a five stars and said he loved the story but it felt like the author was so busy trying to get the story out, but didn’t seem to be too bothered about putting out a good literary product)

But the amount of criticism that I received about the first book helped me write the second one better. I guess when I’m writing my 10th book, the criticism will help me make the 11th book better. You never stop learning, do you? Everyone talks about their “W.I.P” (work in progress). I have only one “W.I.P”. ME!!!


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