Seven Minutes with Jennifer: Interview of Jan Raymond!

Had a fantastic week with Jennifer Loiske!



This week I wanted to do something special. To really concentrate on one thing and give a tour of one author’s life instead of posting sporadic book related things. Luckily Jan Raymond, author of Pha Yul trilogy, volunteered to be my first victim…errr…guest…so, Jan, welcome to my virtual couch!

2015-01-10 17.43.55

Tell us a something about yourself? 

I’m a single mother. I have two gorgeous daughters, Aishwarya and Nayantara. I live in Chennai, which is in South India. I’ve done my Masters in Psychology (so maybe, it’s you who should be on the virtual couch :)) I’ve always read a lot and ideas for books have been rolling around in my head forever, but it’s always been something that I’ll get around to at some point in my life.

Oh-oh…I have to be careful what I say, now…or else I might in deed end up on your couch! What is or are…

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