Plot is thickening…Part 2 of Jan Raymond’s Spin off!

Spoiler alert in the spin off-for all those who are waiting for the third book!


Some of you have been asking about the follow up of Jan Raymond’s spin off. Well, here it is! The next two chapters. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do!

Also, I’m gonna reveal what’s been going on with Jan’s Pinterest and what will happen on Friday…shh…take a look after the chapters!

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They had returned from Pha-yul before school started and soon got back into routine. Seb had been quite taken up with Ryan’s prowess on the football field the previous year, and had tried out for the team. He got the goalkeeper’s spot in the Holy Trinity football team. His days became a blur of classes, football practice and training. Mr. Harris had increased the pace of their training to get them ready for the “Gran-sdur”, the annual Games that were being held in Pha-yul, in which they were taking part.

Prom was…

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