Friday Date with the men from The Lord of the Rings!

It’s getting hot in here!



You all know how I love to date fictional characters but who’s on Jan Raymond’s ‘date’ list?

On top is…the one and only…no, no, it’s not one…let me see…Okay, it’s a group we all love…fearless soldiers…archer, beyond this world…little men…elves…oh, yes, it’s the men from The Lord of the Rings!

I have to confess that some of these men might be on my date list, too! And, yes, I think most of us have been dating them more than once 🙂 The best part with fictional characters is that we can date them as much as we want and envision them to be just the way we like…that is, if the characters are from a book 😉  Take a look what else is on Jan Raymond‘s reading list…

Here are some of Jan Raymond’s favorite fantasy reads:


We all love Harry Potter and his gang! He is…

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