… i meant to blog once a week

I really did!! But the madness of marketing hit me. Write a book they said, put it up on Amazon and sit back. Don’t believe them. Writing was the easy part! The hard part is a toss up between editing and marketing. A couple of bad words, I tell you. I’ve spent the last four months marketing my book, and it’s worked. Overnight, my sales went up from a couple of books a month to more than fifty a month. I guess I missed my vocation; I seem to be quite brilliant at marketing.

And all along, like little angels on my shoulder are these amazing authors, from the parallel universe that I am a part of. Advising me on what works and what doesn’t. The rest I learnt with practice. So after about four months of tactical maneuvers and strategic marketing, here’s what I found:

1. Tweet, tweet, tweet…the best marketing tool, without a doubt. I got into the tweeting game late, but my sales have doubled since I started tweeting. Make sure you retweet and favorite other people’s tweets and you can be sure that most often than not, they’ll return the favor.

2. Book blasts are fine, I guess. Your rank does rise up in Amazon, but after taking part in quite a few, I am a bit skeptical about it. It really hasn’t brought me to the notice of Amazon. Book sales go up for the next couple of days, and when I say couple, I do mean, two. You can try it out, but it’s a bit of a waste of time and money.

3. Listopia lists are great. Being active on Goodreads is good for sales because each time, you engage in some activity, the Goodreads feed updates your activity and it gets seen, which means your book gets seen. But I learnt the hard way that being too active gets you in trouble. You get noticed by what we call trolls, who do not read your book, but give it a one star and a ‘Horrible book’ review and if they have the time, actually put you on a shelf called ‘whaddidthis’. I actually liked that one. My book is on a shelf called ‘whaddisthis’. Oh, and the best part is that you cant take yourself off. So, a toss up there too.

4. Promotional posts. This is something I just started, where I post a blurb and the link to my book on sites that promote books. I haven’t yet checked the stats on how that’s going. Will keep you posted on that.

5. People say that Pinterest is the most powerful tool and so is G+, but I haven’t been able to figure how to make the best use of it yet, so that’s a work in progress.

So there’s my start up marketing strategy. There’s still so much more to learn.


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