… i just read a mouthful of life and remembered I had a blog

Check this out! I’m in the middle of getting the next book ready for my beta readers. Editing is like an itch, it never stops, it never goes away. I can’t stop tweaking. My kids had to literally pry the laptop from my reluctant, death-like grasp to get me to stop. I was republishing almost everyday. It’s Kindle, so I could. Now I have my hard copy coming out soon. I think that puts paid to further edits, cos, once it’s on paper, I ain’t gonna change a thing.

As usual, I’m digressing. I started this post and got to my blog, because my cousin started this absolutely charming, anecdotal blog about New York and its quirks, good and bad. http://mouthfuloflife.com/. I clicked on her blog and lo!behold! in the little, upper, right corner, was my name and I was like, Oh God! I have a blog! Which has been waiting for me in vain, for the last four months. And so, I’m back again, dear blog. I hope to stay this time. 🙂


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