…I’m Alice in Wonderland

The funny thing is, I kind of tripped into this amazing world of authors. I was watching the “Oscars”. It airs over here at some unearthly hour, like four in the morning, a Monday morning that too, and after that the week more or less becomes a non- week. But it’s a kind of ritual at home, and I was rooting for Leo di Caprio this year, although I knew he wouldn’t win it. (He will be awarded a posthumous Oscar- I hope I’m wrong- it’ll break my heart!) We also tweet furiously these days. (We were one of the millions who broke Twitter this year. J)

While I was tweeting, I got a message from an author, asking me to like his Facebook page. Being the pleasant person that I am, I did so and forgot all about it. I wasn’t very active on my Fb account those days, and it was a couple of days later that I logged on again. And I had about ten requests from authors. One of them told me that there was a Facebook event going on and invited me. That’s how my journey into this fantastical writing world began. I published Circle of Five on Amazon, and thought, you know, maybe people will read it, maybe they won’t. I had no idea that I had to market it. (Oh! I just realized that many of those books that you glance over in bookstores, called “Marketing Strategies 101”, “Ten steps to marketing success”, they could apply to me now. Huh! How about that?) I did message that author who sent me that message on Twitter, thanking him, and also telling him about the event I was going to, but I never heard from him after that. If you know who you are, thank you.



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