…it was a boring day

Well, the funny thing is that I don’t think I would have actually started my book if it hadn’t been for my kids. One boring day, we decided to make our lives a bit more interesting. The deal was that we start writing a chapter each, of a story, and mail it to each other every week. That’s how Circle of Five got started. As a chapter, that I sent to my kids. I must dig out that mail and reread the chapters they sent me. Maybe if I mail it back to them it would be an incentive for them to start writing. One can always dream! So as I’m writing this, right now, this minute, I’ve just thought of an idea. I won’t call it brilliant, me being modest and all. But there must have been a seed that started off a story in the head of an author. So, maybe it’ll make for an interesting discussion. A thought to ponder! How about I go through my journey to publishing my book and after (I promise not to go into details and bore you) , and as I come across decisions I made, why not pose those same questions to authors and see why they did what they did?


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